ATLANTA SOUL - Pro elite official disc

ARIA is the official disc of ATLANTA SOUL, ATL's professional ultimate team.  Atlanta has been a hotbed of ultimate for decades, and the Atlanta disc community is a strong example of folks that are today trying harder than ever to expand the reach of ultimate at all levels and across all demographics. ARIA is proud to be the OFFICIAL DISC SPONSOR of these outstanding SOUL athletes. Part of the proceeds of these disc sales will go to support the hard work that these women put in to define excellence for a generation of ultimate fans around the world and "catalyze a culture shift in sports."  ... A - T - L!!!!  

Print Color: Metallic Light blue

Product Design Specifics:

The ARIA disc is 175 grams and approved for the highest level of championship play by both USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation. It is designed to feel and fly similarly to what most ultimate players are familiar with. The plastic is specifically engineered to maintain its flex in cold temperatures and to retain its shape in hot temperatures. For more details on our materials science, click here.

The ARIA Donation Model
ARIA has a commitment to growing and sharing the sport of Ultimate. When you buy an ARIA disc, you're giving back, whether through our 1-for-1 donation model benefiting our social partners or through limited-edition discs supporting other causes through proceeds. Thank you for helping us change the world through ultimate!