DiscNW Tier 206 Tour Official Disc: Support Seattle Youth Ultimate!

What is the DiscNW Tier 206 Tour?

In 2 weeks, Seattle’s elite U20 girls and boys teams will travel along the east coast from July 17th to July 21st. The DiscNW Tier 206 Tour stops in Boston, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina. In each city, Seattle teams face off against local YCC teams in single-gender streamed games, produced by Fulcrum Media. The live games will be available on DiscNW’s Facebook and for free on Ultiworld’s YouTube. The DiscNW Tier 206 Tour will feature incredible youth talent from across the US and consist of 9 total games that are sure to be some of the most exciting competition this summer.

The fierce matchups: U20 Seattle U20 girls team Voyagers competing against Pioneer Valley, BUDA, Valkyries, Rouge and Warhawks; the U20 Seattle boys team Silly Saurs taking on BUDA, DEVYL, Foggy Bottom Boys and Triforce. The DiscNW Tier 206 Tour is proudly presented by DiscNW, Fulcrum Media, Five Ultimate, CUT Camp, ARIA Discs, Gamepoint Performance, Friction Gloves, Spikeball and the ‘Got Your Back’ Seattle club teams.


ARIA Discs believes in giving back to the sport, and we're proud to support the DiscNW Tier 206 Tour! We believe in the future of ultimate and in the sport's ability to make a difference (not to mention our unwavering love for Seattle ultimate). In support of this amazing event, all proceeds will go to the DiscNW Tier 206 Tour and help to provide a great experience for all involved. 

Print Color: Metallic Green, Rainbow, or Matte Gray

Product Design Specifics:

ARIA Discs are 175 grams and approved for the highest level of championship play by both USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation. It is designed to feel and fly similarly to what most ultimate players are familiar with. The plastic is specifically engineered to maintain its flex in cold temperatures and to retain its shape in hot temperatures. For more details on our materials science, click here

The 1-for-1 Model
ARIA Discs has a commitment to growing and sharing the sport of Ultimate, and operates with a 1-for-1 donation model. When you buy a disc here, you get to pick one of our social partners and we will donate a disc to them. Thank you for helping us change the world through ultimate. 
Important Shipping Note: Individual delivery is not available for these discs. All discs will be available for pickup in Seattle or at one of the stops on the Tour! Stops are as follows:
- Wednesday, July 17th @ NUTC Camp in South Hadley, MA

- Thursday, July 18th @ Hormel Stadium in Medford, MA

- Friday, July 19th @ Campus Kids Camp in Blairstown, NJ

- Saturday, July 20th @Washington Liberty High School in Arlington, VA

- Sunday, July 21st @ Herndon Park in Durham, NC
Please indicate in the notes section of your order where you'd like to pick your disc up!